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May 01 Christine Graham  
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“We leave no one behind”. Apparently that is the reason some have given for the aggressive advances inland at Iran. Allied forces have suffered multiple casulties in a brave or foolhardy effort to reach Sharaz and take back the FA18 that was acquired by Iranian forces after a pilot mistakenly landed at an occupied airfield. Some have said that while there, they may consider a brief search to see if they can find and rescue the missing pilot as well (callsign @🦕🦕OceanOver | Knight 1-2 🦕🦕 ), however the primary focus is on retrieving the more important assett – the Hornet.

The last 24hrs has seen a massive push North West, where 2 new FARPS have been established and reinforced. With increasing distances from allied airforce and navy launch sites the progress has been demanding and slow. Iranian forces valiantly attempted to sock it back to the allies, slammering at every opportunity and also sending in a large convoy of battle tanks which inflicted much damage on the allies, however the allies were able to reinforce enough to hold the ground taken, including a text text book air strike on the tank convoy. In another event a A10 took on a F14 and won with brrrrrrt.

With the Allies within striking distance of Shiraz, they approach a far denser concentration of defense networks than has been seen before. Will the allies be able to overcome the obstacles beyond to perform a successful rescue, or will the dense environment prove too much to overcome? Will the FA18 be found at Shiraz, or is all this effort in vain – has it been moved on to Kerman?

From Persia, this is amateur reporter- Warren Peace

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