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May 01 Christine Graham  
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A embolden bold campaign was launched over the weekend, which also included Saturday and Sunday. Pilots sick of dealing with the onslaught of enemy fighters pushed to capture the fields that are being utilised to deploy the harrassing aircraft. With low and limited numbers of pilots (some being on rec leave to spend time with their families, others simply missing, and others reported AWOL) the allies doubled down on their efforts to make a large impacting impact in the war effort. A single battle lasting through the day and well into the darkness of the night – even beyond sundown – was wittnessed in the Western areas over towards the West of the Middle East… but a little futher West. The allies suffered numerous losses as well as casulties. Others paid the ultimate price for this campaign… and others even lost their lives.

Unofficial reports suggested that there was even as much engagement squeezed in just the past 24hrs than would normally take a day to complete.

Official reports are blaming the losses on unexpected insurgents in the town – however, the scuttlebutt suggesting that more than a couple of losses may have been a result of pilot cowboyism and incompetency.

When asked about the collateral damage of the nearby towns one pilot was reported to have responded with “that hospital really looked very threatening”, and another pilot overheard saying “Well what do they expect… we could have just dropped a nuke… oh wait, that’s a good idea… hey guys can I have a nuke?” A third pilot was unavailable for comments as they were too busy “chasing down another sentry”, which this reporter can only assume to be a codeword for looking for a date.

FOB’s crates were being established with pilots reportedly reporting them being transported and carried as far as Lar but with a strange event occuring around 8hrs into the campaign before the 3rd crate could be droppped and unpacked there was a report of “a flash of light” along with “a bright flash”, and then “the FOB crates just disappeared”. At thes same time captains of ships found their navigators had them logged at different locations to what the GPS indicated – even though the navigators could have sworn that they were in a different position a few moments before, except that the navigators aren’t known for swearing.

When politicians asked for an explination, and one even asking for the navigators to “Please explain” – one mentioned that the area has similar attributes to the Bermuda Triangle, even though the area is not near Bermuda or they’re not in a triangle. Others reported their shopping trolley had gone.

Another simply replied with “ours is not to reason why, ours is but to see more modules on special and buy”.

This reporter has no idea what was meant by that quote but it was noted that duty hours were exceedingly exceeded during this campaign and pilots may be suffering sufferably from sleep deprevation, as well as tiredness. Others could even be suffering from fatigue.

One official is also questioning about the true alcohol content level of drinks at the bar after hearing some of these reports, so an expert codename @EzyD | Crow 1-1 has been called in to investigate and is expected to perform a thorough investigative investigation and return a full report at a later date which is expected to be completed later.

After the valliant effort of the valliant pilots to valliantly capture Lar the battle moved further inland with yet another FARP captured – possibly the furtherest inland anyone has ventured todate, but large unexpected forces were encountered unexpectedly amassing even further inland, which was unexpected. One pilot was quoted to have radioed “It looks like there’s a tank factory up here” before shortly afterwards being engaged by SAM sites, thus adding suspicion that there may be more than just tanks and factories up there.

Pilots refer to the area and being bland and a desertless desert – with little chance of encountering either flora or fauna. Some even suggested that it’s so dry you rarely see animals or plants too.

With “nap time” was called by the XO, some pilots returned to their racks, and others to their bunks to contemplate what the future push holds… a push that far inland has never been achieved before, and as for Navy pilots who feel far more safer with water underneath them – nerves are stretched. With the unexpected concentration of tanks and sam sites (reportedly more than was even used to defend the main port of Bandar Abbas) allies are now wondering just exactly what is being protected up north that they are unaware of. What could be up there that the enemy has kept so many reserves of armour and sam sites protecting?

Meanwhile, politicians back in Washington are getting excited about the thought there may be many unknown oilfields up there, whereas servicemen are concerned about something far darker and sinister. (More darker and sinister than oilfields that is, not darker and sinister than politicians – there’s nothing that dark and sinister)
[9:51 AM]
The navy and airforce have also upped their recruitment recruiting campaign. The airforce in particular requesting more A10 pilots and the Navy requesting more helicopter pilots for the next push further north into the unknown where it is hoped that with a greater amount of pilots FOBS can be established before more strange phenomenons occur. Critics however are questioning whether the push to Shiraz and Kerman is brave and courageous, or impulsive and foolhardy – with others concerned that encounters that far reaching north may see enegatements elevated to a level almost as hostile as Myer shoppers on a boxing day sale.

This reporter is now reporting as facing a difficult decisions of the less of 2 evils… Do I risk life, or maybe even risk death by staying on with this campaign and stay with the fleet as it pushes further into the stretching deserts, or do I risk return home to my wife?

From Persia, this is amateur reporter reporting – Warren Peace

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