Nov 14 Christine Graham  
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In an aggressive push, coalition forces have managed to take hold of part of the western AO. When questioned about the particular tactics used given the high casualty count one commander was said to have said that we took a page out of one of our previous successes – WW2. That was – to keep throwing more and more assets at the enemy regardless of the cost until we are successful – because it’s been proven – it’s not tactics that win a war, nor the skills of our pilots (thankfully) – it’s about how many lives you’re willing to keep throwing and sacrifice. And I think we have the successful results right in front of us as proof.”

Another reported, “The goal here was to save as many civilian lives and plants, and native grass as possible – because this is a green defence force… regardless of the cost to our own forces – hence the restrictions on weapon and engagement types, and with that, I would call this a very successful result.” The residence of Lavan and Kish will continue to have clean air to breathe after our toxic munitions smoke has gone thanks to their vast vegetation that has been saved on the islands.

These remarks have not gone down well with the troops however giving many have lost a close friend, but while the upper ranks are not popular among their own – they have managed to win friends among the occupied citizens of Lavan, Kish and the West Coast, as civilian casualties were left to a minimum, as was the damage to their land.

As a result, the upper ranks have been witnessed enjoying banana cocktails at the invitation to the leaders on Lavan island, which now has earned the nickname by the troops “banana island”. Locals have also gifted the local airfields to the coalition for use with their ongoing campaign, now nicknamed “greening Iran”.

The defence force is calling this a successful mission, however, reports have mentioned there are many dissatisfied among the ranks – even to the point where one fleet has decided they’re not moving from their current positions regardless of instructions given until they have the assurance that the lives and risks associated with their men and women will be given higher priority in future missions, which is giving the decision-makers pause to determine how they are going to handle the stubborn fleet captain. “If my men are going to die in battle – I’m going to make darn sure it’s due to their own incompetence that they die, and not some tree hugger officer deciding that plants are more important than my men”. This hasn’t disturbed the higher ranks – since they now have airfields and told the captain that he and his fleet isn’t as important as he thinks he is.

President Brandon has not had much to say regarding this issue, but was heard to have muttered the phrase “plants are people too”.

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