Airframe Flight Training and Qualification

Welcome to Nevada Pilot

Task Group Warrior runs it's server on the NTTR training range when it is not engaged in an active mission/campaign set that you can use both with others and on your own to train in the skills you need to be able to survive missions. We also have started this page so that in time we can build up a wealth of knowledge that you our pilots are able to use to better yourselves.

We also know that we are not real world combat pilots and we do not need to know all the same information that they do, as such the info, manuals, guides etc that you find here are more a resource for you to use if you wish to make yourself better in the Sim. We won't force you to do anything here but you sohuld realise that most of our Campaigns have rules that go with them including limited 'lives' and getting yourself shot down all the time is not going to help with that. In the end however the choice is completely up to you.

Ok I have DCS Where should I start?

Your best place to start is with the MANUALS for the modules you want to use! most of the DCS manuals are fairly in-depth and full of great knowledge and tadbits but at times people don't seem to realise they exist! you can find them in your DCS\mods\aircraft\ < modulename> \docs folder for example the A-10C's DCS manual is located at \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Doc\DCS A-10C Flight Manual EN.pdf

Once you have the manual I suggest that you sit down and work through it, even if it's just the check lists etc to get the aircraft up and running, because 99.99% of the groups missions will be from a Cold and Dark ramp start.

How do I use the Range?

The Range is a near permanently on Multi-player Game that can be found by searching for Rob in the DCS World Multi-player list (if it's working). Once you connect you will be able to select from any of the aircraft currently in the game (or at least most of them) and proceed to fly. Using your communications menu you will see that the 'Other' menu (F10) has a range of new options open to you, including having live Air to Air, Ground and Surface to Air spawn in.
I Strongly recommend that you take a look at the video for more information on the range.

Specific Aircraft Training

Learning the birds

As you no doubt understand training and building it up takes a lot of work! At the moment we don't have a lot ready for you, instead we suggest looking up some of Jabber's great Video Tutorials on Youtube, reading the manuals and if you can get your hands on it, the Art of the Kill which came with Falcon 4.0 the video that goes with the book is on Youtube.
We will however soon have some basic training material up for at least the A-10C and once it's out the F/A-18C.


A-10C Training

AV-8B/NA Training

M2000 Training

Tactical Training

Training that works across all Airframes

This is still coming! check back soon