Rules and Regulations

Frequent Asked Questions

Welcome to Task Group Warrior (TGW) this introductory packet aims to get you up to speed with some information on who we are, the way we do mission briefings and our basic rules that we have in place to make things hopefully more fun for all of us and so With that all said let’s start with the basics, right?

What is Task Group Warrior

TGW is a primarily a group of internet friends from across the world who all like to fly in military simulators, it is more a loose knit group which focuses on having fun while also trying to keep things realistic. One of our founding goals was to remember that this is our Hobby and we do it because we find it either fun, relaxing or a challenge but it should never start feeling like a job.

What Sims do we use?

TGW uses DCS World as its main simulator platform with Falcon BMS occasionally (but very, very rarely) being flown by some of us, we do not currently use P3D or FSX, the later is due to a few reasons, first and for most we do not want people to think T.G.W was trying to make a VSOA like those on Vatsim, we aren’t interested in having another group telling us what/when/where we can fly or how we can do it, Also while P3D and FSX have Tacpack the add-on is missing a lot of things that we feel are important to military combat flying these include items like multiple threat types, AI enemy threats that shoot back, proper weapon simulation, etc. Due to this most (ALL) of the group currently do not believe that P3D or FSX offer us a good solid platform for the style of flying we want to do, that isn't however to say that we don't believe Prepar3D is a great sim! We do just not for what/how we want to fly combat aircraft.

DCS World and Falcon BMS on the other hand are dedicated combat simulators, while they both may not have as much in the way of maps etc they make up for this lack with full and proper threat ranges, a much more varied weapon selection, AI, an easier to use multiplayer environment and many, many other features which Prepar3D and FSX simply do not currently offer. We also feel that while yes it would be nice to be able to fly out of Williamtown or Tindal or any other place in the world etc, with a little bit of imagination most of the terrain area’s in both sim’s, though especailly DCS World can be used to make what you need, after all in the end it’s the result that counts not the where and why.

We understand that this may not be what every one wants and that's fine! you can still join the group and ask if any one wants to fly in P3D or the like, after all we like you have invested a lot of $$ into the FSX/P3D simulators over time and most of us will continue to fly it for Civil flights, but we also have sunk a lot of time and $$ into DCS World and as mentioned above that is where we are focused on at this time.

Who pays for the server?

The server that runs our DCS World installation, SRS etc is paid for by the core membership each putting a small amount (typically 10 - 50$AUD) a month, the more people who help put money into the server fund, the cheaper/longer the server can remain active with out having to worry about it going down. If you want to help donate you can ask Rob and he can supply you with the details for doing so.

What Aircraft do we fly?

TGW flies almost every aircraft we can afford to individually buy though at the time of writing our primary focus is on the F-18C, A-10C and we believe that once the F-14 is released will also shift to incorporate more of it as well. We however don’t force people to fly a specific airframe, so long as you give warning before a mission we can try and have it so that you can fly any bird type you want, however understand not all missions are going to be able to run all aircraft types after all a P-51 makes for a very poor SEAD aircraft!

How do we Communicate?

TGW has Four methods of communication that we use at the time of writing, Teamspeak, Simple Radio Standalone, Discord and Facebook. We use Teamspeak primarily for communications while flying and the details will be in the mission/server brief and we have our new discord channel: acts as a backup for if we loose Teamspeak.
Facebook Groups is used to keep the community together, on the same page and up to date and can be found here: Facebook Group

The Rules

How we keep it fun for all

TGW expects every one to be mature enough to act their age rather then being silly or the such about things so we have tried to keep the rules to a minimum as we believe they are not overly required they are listed in dot point below.

  • Don’t be a douche bag. – Being a douche ruins it for all and we will kick, ban and remove any person we believe is making the group less fun or productive by their actions.
  • Have fun. – this is the primary reason we are here, we all want to have some fun and enjoy our hobby so it’s important!
  • Be considerate of others. – This shouldn’t need to be said but if you’ve lined up a flight and can’t make it at least be considerate enough to let the others know that you can not if possible, there is nothing more frustrating then waiting for some one and they don’t show. It’s better to have been told so that other things can be planned.
  • DO NOT Team Kill – Kinda falls under 1. Don't be a douche bag But don’t be the person who goes out and kills your own guys and thinks its funny, It is not. If your doing live fire and both agree that’s fine though the server might complain and boot you, instead if you want to fly against each other some one should go Red and the other Blue.
  • Try things yourself first – We all have issues from time to time and there are plenty in the group who are willing to help solve them, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse their time this is as much their hobby time as yours so be considerate.
  • Remember this is a hobby – Again like 2 but important! This is a Hobby it isn’t a JOB you should be having fun and enjoying yourself if you’re not try and work out why not and bring it up to the group we would rather people be honest about what is bothering them then to bottle it up.
  • We aren't responsible for what you do - Kinda obvious but if you do something and it's posted here or on youtube, we aren't the ones who have to later censor it because you fear it might impact your chances of joining the defense force or something. We are adults, we expect you to act like an adult and take responsibility for your actions, full stop.
  • Don't be a douche bag.

What if I have a problem with < insert persons name > ?

If your having issues with some one honestly we suggest first trying to be an adult about it and talk with them calmly and work out your problems, after all you have big boy/girl pants and we really shouldn't have to baby anyone. But we also know at times things might reach a point where talking to each other isn't going to happen. If things reach that point, we honestly suggest you bring it up to the membership as a whole, don't bottle it up. We'd rather get any issues sorted so we can all continue to have fun then to let them shimmer in the background until they explode and ruin it for all.


The things you need and things we do every flight

Just like the real military Task Group Warrior does certain things / has certian mods installed etc basically all the time and to cut down on the time we have to take out of flying to do complex briefs we simply state things like 'Take Off will be a standard Streamed departure'. This is great for those of us who know it but what if your new and don't? Well this section should help you out.

Get DCS World

This should be a no brainer but hey get DCS World from Eagle Dynamics the base game and map are free and gives you the SU-25 and TF-51 we recommend the A-10C, F-18, Gulf and Nevada as well

Download the Range Objects

We use the 476th Virtual Fighter Group's NTTR Objects on some of our missions you need these to be installed for you to join the NTTR map on the server. You can download them from 476th vFighter Group Range Objects

Get the Skins

Get and install our skins from the Downloads page of this website!


If your flying.. get on Teamspeak, we need it to communicate when we are not using SRS


If your flying.. get on SRS if you can! server is!


Unless briefed other-wise members are expected to get their birds up and ready to taxi with out having to wait on any other pilot, you do not need to contact tower for permission to start up unless we have an LOATC controller on for the day in which case you'll be told about it before hand anyway, presuming your on Comms


Taxi is done Lead, 2, 3, 4 with lead offsetting either right or left of the line, 2 will offset to the otherside, 3 behind lead and 4 behind 2. All units will either report ready to taxi and/or put on their Taxi light to let lead know they are ready and move slightly forwards. When approaching the runway hold short or in the O.R.P for traffic, checks and any final brief, unless briefed otherwise

Take Off

Take off is done either as Streamed Single with 5 - 10 second intervals (Standard Streamed) or Pairs form with 10-15 second Intervals


Rejoins are either done by verbal talk on or as briefed.

Fence In

All fence in checks include turning off External Lights, Turning on any Targeting Pod and or Weapon systems that require powering. Fence In will be communicated as 'Group name' Fence In, units should report their position number to acknowledge they heard and once fenced in should state '# fenced in >fuel state<
And example of this with a two flight of A-10C's would be
Lead:'Hog 1 Fence in
Both do their checks and fence in items when 2 is complete
2: 2, Fenced In 8,000 Pounds.

Weapons Use

Weapon use should always be communicated with the Flight! Do this by calling either the Brevity for the weapon your firing or if you are uncertain using 'Bomb Away', 'Guns', 'Missile Away'. This is important as other members of your team need to know if a Missile warning is good/bad etc or if a bomb might drop on them.