Server Use

Task Group Warrior runs 2 Dedicated DCS Server's that is listed as TGW Dedicated and TGW Dedicated-Training in the DCS Server list, they are an open public server with no password and we encourage any one who wishes to join use to come and play.

Server Funding Monthly Goal 170$

August: Paid, September: 125$

Teamspeak: Due in June 2020

If you want to donate to help keeping the server running please contact Rob if your in the Facebook group or on Discord, otherwise you can use to drop some $$ towards it just make certain you let us know it's for the SERVER, the server is maintained by the Donations of the membership and those whom use it.

If you want to help keep the Teamspeak server going you can donate using group pay right here

Connecting to the server

Teamspeak 3: You can connect to the TeamSpeak server using
LOTATC Caucasus: - See below for more info.
LOTATC NTTR: - See below for more info.
Simple Radio Standalone: Simply have it open when you connect to either one of the servers
DCS World: Look for TGW Dedicated in the Server list.


We use LOTATC as our primary G.C.I / AWAC's Interface for when we have a real person on! While LOTATC is payware we believe it is more then worth the amount that DArt is asking for it, especially given the time, effort and support he gives for it.

There are a couple of things that you need to remember when running G.C.I/AWAC's however.

  • You NEED to be on SRS and to Monitor Chat as well.
  • You will NEED to check the communication Card below as it has the Frequencies you need to monitor!
  • The Password is lower case the side you want to GCI for, but be aware we do NOT run Red For often.
  • Our Dedicated G.C.I members have priority over those whom are just visiting.

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

We use SRS as our primary in game Communications when there are any more then 3 people on the server or when we have a G.C.I or AWAC controller on.

We have it set up primarly for the FULL aircraft, not the 'Lock On' ones.

  • Connect to the server and check if Bundy or Wedgtail is on 271
  • You will NEED to check the communication Card below as it has the Frequencies you need to monitor!
  • You don't have to USE SRS but if you aren't we ask you get on Teamspeak!

The D.C.S Server

As mentioned above the DCS Server is running as TGW Dedicated. All you should have to do to connect is find it in the DCS Server list, if that fails you can try connecting using directIP connection on

The server itself is running SLMOD and Tacview the rules are displayed when you connect but the long and short of it is don't Blue on Blue/Red on Red and you should be good.


War in Georgia

The main mission that runs on the dedicated server currently is called Red Iberia and it is a playground that allows most people to have fun on just about any airframe. We plan on having some more information and a map showing the current state of the war effort up soon but for now we will put the briefing text here along with some of the information you need to know below.

it would not have been possible to make with out the help of M.O.O.S.E, & M.I.S.T along with the dedicated people whom have worked on both scripting extensions I would likely still be struggling to have persistency if it was not for TopperFR of the 107th having B.T.I's source code up for anyone to look at on Github. I strongly recommend you take the time to play in his play ground on the BTI servers as he and the 107th have done some great work with both BTI and TTI! That being said though.........

We really look forward to see you online with us! on the TGW Server.

More information the mission can be found on the MISSION page.