Mission Introduction

The main mission that runs on the dedicated server currently is called Red Iberia and it is a playground that allows most people to have fun on just about any airframe. We plan on having some more information and a map showing the current state of the war effort up soon but for now we will put the briefing text here along with some of the information you need to know below.

it would not have been possible to make with out the help of M.O.O.S.E, & M.I.S.T along with the dedicated people whom have worked on both scripting extensions I would likely still be struggling to have persistency if it was not for TopperFR of the 107th having B.T.I's source code up for anyone to look at on Github. I strongly recommend you take the time to play in his play ground on the BTI servers as he and the 107th have done some great work with both BTI and TTI! That being said though.........

We really look forward to see you online with us! on the TGW Server.


In recent days Russia has threatened to put short ranged nuclear missiles in the Republic of Abkhazia, NATO, The Ukraine and Georgia can not allow this and as of 0800 hours local forces have been deployed to take both airfields.
In response Russia has declared that any violation of Abkhaiza will result in hostile retaliation. A Flashpoint has developed.
Blue Team's goal is to take Sukhuimi and Gudauta, hunt down any FARPS and deal with any Insurgent Activity.
Red Teams goal is to hold Abkhaiza.

Mission Interaction

The things you need to know


Communication is important, what's more important is that every one is on the same page! The following communication card lists the frequencies that are used for Blue Force in Red Iberia G.A.W.

Also don't forget to check the IN GAME Kneeboard!

DCS in game map, how it can help you

Red Iberia G.A.W uses the in game map as a way to quickly get information to the players, not only does it show you most (but not all) of the potential targets in the mission using map mark points, YOU can also use them to help control units within the mission or even find out what the weather is doing.

This Youtube video shows the commands:


Weather is an important factor in the game, much as you can control arco above, you can also get the current weather information for any location on the map by placing a mark point and simply typing -weather if you are blue into it and then deleting the mark point or if you are on Red -rweather