Welcome to the Jungle

TGW is a primarily a group of internet friends from across the world who all like to fly in military simulators, it is more a loose knit group which focuses on having fun while also trying to keep things realistic. One of our founding goals was to remember that this is our Hobby and we do it because we find it either fun, relaxing or a challenge but it should never start feeling like a job! You can learn more about and how to join us below! and even if you don't want to join the group are are free to come play with us on our DCS World Dedicated Server!

Server Funding Monthly Goal 170$

October: Paid

Teamspeak: Due in June 2020


Members & Airframes

Come see who the Motley group consists of and what airframes they like to fly!


Server Information

Find out about our server's and how to connect to it etc


Server Stats

Want to see how you rank on the server vs every one else?. (Currently offline)


Keeping it Fun, While striving for realism (Aka Rules and Regs)

We understand that this is our hobby and hobbies are meant to be fun! So while we are doing things in a realistic fashion we always remember to have fun doing so and these rules try and keep it like that.


Mission Information

Red Iberia Mission Information, Targets etc. If your using the server look here!



want to get the most out of your bird? Need to freshen up on how we do things? Take a look in here.



We love to show off what we do! See some of our images and vids and then come join us and make your own!



Like most groups we have our own unique skins and resources, you can find them all here.

154th Darknights

The 154th Air Wing, who act as our primary Red Force Agressors.

Current Campaign: Red Iberia - Georgia Aflame

Stopping the mighty bear.

Upcoming Mission Dates

Our upcoming mission times and dates are given below, let us known on Facebook if you can make it!

Red Iberia (Georgia)

- Ongoing Most Nights 2030 AUEDT

Training Night (Nevada)

- On Request 2030 AUEDT

Persian Gulf (TBD)