Red Iberia 2.3.x Barksalov’s Revenge

Red Iberia 2.3.x Barksalov’s Revenge

May 15 Rob  
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Hey there guys and girls I’m just throwing this up to update those who do not come onto the discord on what’s going on with the server. On tuesday night we launched Red Iberia 2.3.0 and then updated to 2.3.01 for the most part it’s the Good Old Red Iberia you all love but there have been some changes that you should all be aware of.

Sochi-Adler is now a target.

Yeap, that’s right Coalition Forces can now attack Sochi-Adler and take it, locking out RedFor and preventing them using the slots. This was done in part to test something for later but also because after a year the war needed to be extended some.

Russia will now attack through the Gori Valley.

no longer is there a single ‘front’ to the war Russia has opened up a second one and Blue Forces need to be aware of it as if they ignore the advancing Russian forces there is a chance they will find themselves cut off.

Weather Has been changed.

We are using Dynamic Weather, while we know that cloud sync isn’t 100% we are tired of clear skies, low winds etc. People need to learn to fly in adverse conditions and more then a few of our members keep asking for it! As such you’ll find that the skies around the Caucasus are varied indeed. Some places will be clear flying, others dangerous.


Other Changes

Along with these three large changes, we have also moved the starting points of the various Armies this changes the pace of things a LOT and we’ll be monitoring it but it’s also a step towards another change that is hoped to be implemented in the near future which is a ‘Total War’ stage. Currently the situation in Red Iberia very much consists of a “Flash Point” scenario centered around Sukhumi and Gudauta that could spiral out with Russia taking parts of Georgia. The current goal is to make it so that if Russia takes ANY Georgian base, a trigger ‘event’ happens, moving the war from a limited flash point conflict out to a more regular one. Some of this however is very dependent on DCS, currently it’s almost impossible to have more ground units then we have on the map with out serious issues if they start to move, we are hoping with Eagle Dynamics renewed focus on MULTIPLAYER this might actually start to be addressed but we can’t say at this time.

We also know that some people are experiencing lower frames on the server then is optimal, we again are hoping that over time with 2.5.6 this improves 4 months of waiting for it though is frustrating I know! Trust me I can’t really play due to the bow wave crash! Again hoping that the up coming patch next week fixes this too.

Speaking of that Patch, once it is out we will address how/what/where we are going to put in the Super Carrier, it likely will be on the PRACTICE server first.

Finally back to Red Iberia, please be aware that some marker commands have changed! -rib<color>smoke is now simply -smoke<colour> eg -smokered etc the new command list is:








New commands for Marker Points.

As always we thank you for flying with us and hope you enjoy the changes if you find any issues, bugs etc please report them on the discord in the BUGS section Thanks.

About Rob

Rob is the server monkey and founder of TGW, he grew up a RAAF brat, and has had a love of aviation from well as long as he can remember in large part thanks to his dad and mum. Sadly medical issues mean that dream won't ever come true, so instead he tries to recreate it in virtual space. He's programmed for Flight Sim, designed ATO/Tasking and simulation systems for VSOA's, made a virtual PC9 fly correctly and its systems run properly, Beta tested for P3D, done concept art and design work for a best selling author plus more. See more about Rob at his personal website


  • Not Karuptsock
    May 15, 2020 @ 9:33 am

    That Sock guys totally needs more F-15c , that dude is a god. !!

    • Definitely Not Ocean
      May 28, 2020 @ 5:26 am

      I’ve heard that Sock guy is yet to shoot down that Ocean guy. Also, that Sock guy uses North Korean aimbot hax!!1!!


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