Coalition Forces push north

May 13 Christine Graham  
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Months of possible stalemate may be coming to a close as Coalition forces this week took Bandar-E-Jesk and have made steady ground moving north towards the port city of Banda Abbass once more, even as Irani forces pour into the region having recieved what is believed to be resupply from both Russia and China in an effort to defend.

At this time Qeshm once taken by the Coalition has once again become a strong Irani outpost while Lars to the west has also fallen back into Irani hands. However Coalition forces have retained control over much of the smaller towns and forward operating bases in the region.

As this conflict comes close to entering its fourth month, many are asking how much more will the coalition stand? The death toll is rising and many back at home are questioning the rising death toll and costs, is this just another Oil driven war?

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