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May 01 Christine Graham  
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Friendly Fire Incident? Or Simple mistakes..

As tensions have racketed up it seems so too have the amount of incidents between friendly forces, but todays latest incident has serious questions being asked as to the proficency of coalition air crews with their release points.

In the latest incident over 200 of the Tarawa’s 994 strong crew including 12 officers are missing presumed dead when friendly 802 strike weapons ploughed into the side of the ship triggering massive fires that were unable to be brought under control. An incident board has began their review of the events leading to the sinking of the Tarawa with reports that the pilot was heard broadcasting “If that fucking ship gets in the way again..” This has many wondering if this was truly an accident caused by neglect with the pilot not looking at SEA radar mode for objects in the flight path.

Even if it is it’s a cold comfort for the sailors currently with out a ship.

From the Persian Gulf, this is Kitty Purrs Alot for the Cat News Network.

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