CNN Persia Strange Storm Passes Through Gulf

Sep 26 Christine Graham  
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A strange thunderstorm was detected earlier tonight passing through the Persian Gulf with reports of weird almost vortex style clouds and electronics going crazy. Some claimed that this event reset the world while others think that those who are reporting such have spent too much time around at Ezy-D’s quarters and have demanded a blood alcohol test be conducted.

Whatever has happened though the Gulf is now at war, as at approximately 12:00 UTC 28th May 2021 US Forces launching from the USS Theodore Roosevelt initiated a series of SEAD, DEAD and BAI strikes against the Forces of Iran. Several aircraft were lost in the opening stages of this conflict as heavy fighting broke out in the airspace over the Gulf Island of Sirri. After 4 hours of intense fighting, however, the Island was occupied following the landing of US Marine Forces.

Current Casaulties though are high with the Irani Army declaring that the US has initiated war without a declaration and Silk Worm batteries both at Sirri and Abu Musa have been seen engaging the Roosevelt fleet in response to the attack, with 2 Perry Class Frigates lost and the mighty CVN-71 herself having taken damage.

At this stage, we can only presume that the war will continue to grow hotter.

For CNN from the USS Roosevelt, this is Kitty Purrsalot.

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