CNN Persia – Min-had threatened?

May 04 Christine Graham  
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Reports have been coming in over the past 48 hours of severe loss of life on both sides of the fighting as Allied forces have struggled to maintain fallback lines in the wake of the Chinese landings on the Omani coast line on the weekend. Two major armour battles have taken place and while coalition forces both on the ground and in the air have given better then they recieved one must look at the simple math involved. China has become involved in the conflict, and they seem to be bringing out the cards.

So far we have seen reports of the latest in Chinese hardward from their Main Battle Tanks to mobile sam defences along with a lot of tanks from the Reserve, it’s estimated that the Landing ships in the fleet possibly brought in over 120 MBT’s from T72’s, T80’s to the ZBZ’s along with supporting light armor and infantry before being pushed back.

In light the Coalition has had to rely heavily on air defences and the UAE’s own defence force a defence force that is rapidly becoming stretched as Chinese and by extension Irani forces push towards the city of Dubai.

Some have pointed out that the late General of the armies Major General Marcus Cole, warned that something like this would happen, with far too much emphisis being placed on pushing into Iran, however Kosh’Ne Cat has said while he agree’s in part iwth the sentiments of his late brother the fact is that had China not become involved the Irani people would be having BBQ’s and whistling Dixey by now after the push that almost secrured Shiraz.

Needless to say it’s clear the coalition is barely holding onto Lars now, with relief flights doing their best to keep the single armor division holding the airfield intact, even as forces have been funneled to the protection of airbases like Al-Minhad.

Yet reports state dust has been seen both south and east of the strip.. Who knows how long the Coalition can hold with it’s air assets missing.

-Kitty Pursalot.

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