Battle of Ab Zamina

May 23 Christine Graham  
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In a massive push today the 14th Irani Armour Brigade was decimated as it attempted to liberate Bandar Abbas from Coalition forces, in what has been discribed as a heated battle a small M1A2 tank platoon stood against the armour as it rolled out of the pass. Only the dedication of the tank crews and the constant air support from Hornets and KA50s in the region kept the forward base from falling.

The Irani’s used T-55 tanks in this push leading some to suggest that it may have been a means to buy time. In total over 40 T-55 tanks were reported destroyed, 12 BTR-80’s 2 SA-19’s and 2 Shilka’s and at least one infantry platoon.

American losses are still being totaled.

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